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Consumer Information on Energy Efficiency

We appreciate your interest in energy efficiency. 

We are happy to provide some ideas and general guidance that should help you save energy and money. 

Please note that American Air Conditioning LLC Hawaii does not recommend specific brands. For information about products and equipment installation for your home, please try the following: 

  1. Check in with your local utility.  Many utilities offer rebates for the purchase and installation of high-efficiency equipment. Some utilities can also offer financing, tax credits and planning assistance that can help you during specification and construction. 
  2. With new construction, make your intentions clear from the very beginning.  Be sure to specify efficiency of the construction and products at the outset, before construction starts. Once construction begins, it can be difficult and often costly to make any changes. 
  3. Find out if there is an energy-efficiency organization in your area.  Some states have designated organizations to administer energy-efficiency programs. Locally in Hawaii, Hawaii Electric Company (HECO) is a participant in the CEE''s High-Efficiency Commercial Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Initiative (HECAC). 
Energy Solutions for Business, a prescriptive commercial air conditioning program, offers rebates for equipment that meets or exceeds CEE''s specifications. Hawaii Electric Company can be very helpful with specifications and/or energy-saving programs.
  1. Utilize the ENERGY STAR® program.  ENERGY STAR is a consumer-oriented federal program that promotes energy-efficient products. On the ENERGY STAR Web site, there are lists of energy-efficient products and equipment, and information about finding a store or dealer in your area. The ENERGY STAR site also includes information about residential new construction programs and improving home efficiency. 
  1. For HVAC, refer to the CEE and ENERGY STAR Web sites. CEE has developed procedures and protocols for HVAC systems. The CEE initiative covers specifications for high-efficiency equipment as well as guidelines for quality installation of that equipment. Quality installation means getting maximum efficiency from your HVAC system through proper sizing and installation. 

Information about efficient residential central air conditioning systems can also be found on the ENERGY STAR Web site. For information about heat pumps and furnaces, see the ENERGY STAR products page

  1. Purchase energy-efficient appliances, lighting and equipment.  Consult the ENERGY STAR web site and CEE Web site for information about energy-efficient appliances (such as clothes washers, air conditioners, dishwashers, etc.) and lighting. 

Good luck with the new construction, remodeling and/or equipment replacement in your home.

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